Updated the mybible.zone site

Nov 22, 2021

The MyBible site https://mybible.zone is reorganized using WordPress, with two goals:

The old site is available as https://old.mybible.zone.

Released MyBible 5.3.3

Oct 26, 2021

MyBible 5.3.3 insistently suggests you to move the MyBible data directory from the long-used-to place /MyBible in the root of your device’s built-in memory to the standard place of storing applications’ data, /Android/data.

The full new path to MyBible data is /Android/data/ua.mybible/files/MyBible. Please pay attention that not every file manager is able to get there, only the one preinstalled by the device manufacturer or the one you gave a permission for the /Android/data directory upon its asking for that.

Why is this so? Because starting November 2021 new app versions to be published at Google Play shall correspond to the Google’s change on Android 11 with not allowing apps to access files of each other. If you do not allow MyBible 5.3.3 to move its data directory, the next MyBible version (likely 5.4.0) will no longer be able to access the /MyBible directory, and you will have to (probably after some initial panic) move the MyBible’s data manually. That is why there is such a built-in data move in MyBible 5.3.3, which is still able to access the /MyBible directory, to achieve a no-problem running of the next MyBible version. And besides, this is to protect the MyBible team (in the future, after the 5.4.0 release) from an avalanche of user messages like “where did my data go?”

What problems can this cause? There are consequences. It is possible that you’ve got used to deleting MyBible and installing it again without losing your data. So starting MyBible 5.3.3 you should no longer thoughtlessly delete the app, because all the MyBible data are now being automatically deleted by Android when you delete the app. So it is especially important to set up MyBible data synchronization.