MyBible 5.6.0 и 5.6.1

Mar 31, 2023

MyBible 5.6.0 has less improvements than we typically accumulate in order to increase the second figure in the version number; this version is numbered like that because it carries noticeable changes in the MyBible’s interaction with the system:

Within days after the 5.6.0 release several users reported not being able to start MyBible. Apparently, the corrections/improvements made in the mechanism of borrowing appearance theme aspects from other themes do not let the app start if the current appearance theme refers to itself (professionally speaking, an infinite recursion occurs). This has been diagnosed thanks to the diligent readiness to help the MyBible team diagnose the problem of one modest Ukrainian woman who is far from home due the russian aggression towards the Ukraine (thank you, dear sister, if you read this – screams and single stars of the rating have appeared in the MyBible feedbacks, but only and namely you have kindly dedicated the time and energy to help us overcome this technical problem).

MyBible 5.6.1 with the correction verified by several people has now been sent to Google Play; it will show up there after a review by Google in a couple of days, as usual. Meantime, MyBible 5.6.1 can be taken from the downloading page.

MyBible for Android on Windows 11

Feb 2, 2023

Richard Billings, an active MyBible user, has shared his experience regarding running MyBIble “natively” on Windows 11. That information is now available in form of instructions here.

Released MyBible 5.5.0

Nov 27, 2022

MyBible 5.5.0 makes it easier for active users who create their own modules to distribute those using extra module registries. It also makes easier importing to MyBible different kinds of files obtained from other MyBible users.

A new bundle with some preinstalled Ukrainian and Russian modules is now available.

Further development of MyBible is questionable

May 8, 2022

Since the beginning of the aggressive war of russia against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, development of the MyBible application itself is not being actively performed.

The works could be resumed after the full liberation of Ukraine from russian occupants and returning of the developer back to his home in Kharkiv.

MyBible reviews at Google Play undergo a spamming attack

Jan 24, 2022

We observe a flow of spam in MyBible feedbacks in Russian. We’ve gathered from one of the feedbacks that some “mems” directed users of the “Brawl Stars” game to post irrelevant feedbacks with low ratings for MyBible (and likely for some other apps also), and they do that “out of fun” (ROFL, as they mindlessly say). The MyBible rating shown in Russia went down, fresh feedbacks in Russian are filled with trash.

Google provided no substantial help in this situation, as they only remove feedbacks which explicitly violate their formal feedbacks policy while stupidity of a feedback is not a criteria there, and neither is irrelevance (which is hard to prove anyway).

MyBible 5.4.1 sent to Google Play

Jan 16, 2022

After the MyBible 5.4.0 release there was no plan to release the 5.4.1 minor release, as there were no crash reports or urgent problems to address in MyBible 5.4.0. However, Dan and Giovanna Van Leeuwen from Australia approached the dev and informed that they use the MyBible widget as a witnessing and evangelization tool, having it always on an old tablet immediately visible upon entering their house. We have elaborated the extended appearance settings of the widget together, so that it may serve more vividly for the above purpose. With that completed, MyBible 5.4.1 has been sent out, so that others can possibly benefit from the improvement.

One other user has asked to still allow MyBible to run on their Amazon Kindle, which is powered by a variation of Android 5. So the oldest supported Android version has been lowered in MyBible 5.4.1 from Android 6 to Android 5. Note that due to the app maintainability considerations Android 5 is the oldest Android version future MyBible versions will run on (but hey, whoever has a very old device is not without MyBible completely, see the downloads page).

Help regarding missing data after installing MyBible 5.4.0

Dec 14, 2021

For those who observe a problem of their earlier entered in MyBible data missing after installing MyBible 5.4.0, or with a sudden non-saving of settings, we have prepared troubleshooting instructions.

MyBible came back to Google Play

Dec 11, 2021

MyBIble 5.4.0 has successfully passed a review by Google for compatibility with publishing policies, as the result MyBible is available at Google Play again.

MyBIble 5.4.0 works on Android 6.0 and newer, Previous MyBible versions, which work on older Android versions, are available at the MyBible site.

MyBible 5.4.0 sent to Google Play

Dec 9, 2021

To the current set of changes already made towards the MyBible version 5.4.0 added links to privacy policy and the result is submitted as MyBible 5.4.0 to Google Play.

In case of successful passing of a review by Google MyBible shall appear at Google Play again. The review could take several days.

MyBible removed from Google Play

Dec 7, 2021

MyBible has been removed by Google from public access at Google Play due to a technical nuance: the privacy policy link missing in the app itself.

Now, MyBible has a clear and safe for the user privacy policy declared at the MyBible site. It is just that per the MyBible developer’s omission the link to that policy is not present in the app itself. We are considering where to place that link in the app, so that it matches the Google requirements and does not obstruct any content in MyBible. Having addressed that, and translated a few new user interface texts, we will publish MyBible 5.4.0 which will, hopefully, trigger the MyBible appearance at Google Play again.

Meantime, as before, all the MyBible versions are available at the MyBible site.

Updated the site

Nov 22, 2021

The MyBible site is reorganized using WordPress, with two goals:

The old site is available as

Released MyBible 5.3.3

Oct 26, 2021

MyBible 5.3.3 insistently suggests you to move the MyBible data directory from the long-used-to place /MyBible in the root of your device’s built-in memory to the standard place of storing applications’ data, /Android/data.

The full new path to MyBible data is /Android/data/ua.mybible/files/MyBible. Please pay attention that not every file manager is able to get there, only the one preinstalled by the device manufacturer or the one you gave a permission for the /Android/data directory upon its asking for that.

Why is this so? Because starting November 2021 new app versions to be published at Google Play shall correspond to the Google’s change on Android 11 with not allowing apps to access files of each other. If you do not allow MyBible 5.3.3 to move its data directory, the next MyBible version (likely 5.4.0) will no longer be able to access the /MyBible directory, and you will have to (probably after some initial panic) move the MyBible’s data manually. That is why there is such a built-in data move in MyBible 5.3.3, which is still able to access the /MyBible directory, to achieve a no-problem running of the next MyBible version. And besides, this is to protect the MyBible team (in the future, after the 5.4.0 release) from an avalanche of user messages like “where did my data go?”

What problems can this cause? There are consequences. It is possible that you’ve got used to deleting MyBible and installing it again without losing your data. So starting MyBible 5.3.3 you should no longer thoughtlessly delete the app, because all the MyBible data are now being automatically deleted by Android when you delete the app. So it is especially important to set up MyBible data synchronization.