Installing MyBible

A recommended way of installing MyBible is from Google Play. The last released MyBible version is available there, and in the Google Play application menu there is a possibility to turn on and off auto-update of the MyBible app on your device.

If installing of MyBible from Google Play is not available or fails for any reason, you could download a MyBible installation from this page.

Plain installations downloadable from this page are identical to those that have been sent to Google Play for publishing.

Installations with pre-installed modules in a particular language are also available on this page. You could share such an installation via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct. One can use MyBible installed from such an installation right away, without a need to download modules and thus without a need in Internet connection.

Last released version – for Android 6+

Plain installation

MyBible 5.3.3.apk

Installation with pre-installed Russian modules

MyBible 5.3.3 ru pack.apk

Previous versions for Android 6+

Previous versions for Android 2.1-5.1