MyBible is a multifunctional and flexibly configurable tool for reading and studying of the Bible.

The project has its GOALS and NON-GOALS.

MyBible for Android is a native Android app which was born in May 2011 and continues to be developed and maintained.

This app can also be launched on a PC.

Everything about MyBible is free. – the MyBible project is intentionally not connected with money in any way. The MyBible team deliberately does not accept donations. There are no ads in the app, and not going to be.

MyBible uses Internet connection only to download modules (Bible translations, dictionaries, etc.) After downloading of desired modules MyBible works without Internet connection.

All the versions of MyBible for Android starting 4.0.0 are available for downloading.

Annunciations that are worthy of MyBible users’ attention are available in the blog.