MyBible is an app developed for Android; there is another, separate app of MyBible for iOS.

There is no MyBible developed specially for a PC – such an app is not in our plans.

One might want to use MyBible on a PC for different needs:

  1. To use an entire big computer screen, with several Bible windows open simultaneously.
  2. To use MyBible in a PC-only desk workplace environment, or on a laptop, with everything needed being on that PC or laptop – no additional hardware required.
  3. To use a physical keyboard and a mouse with MyBible.
  4. To easily interact with Windows tools, such as the Clipboard and different text editors.
  5. To project some content from MyBible to a big screen.
  6. Perhaps, some additional needs as well.

The needs 1 and 2 can be met only by running on a PC an Android emulator, or by using native support of Android apps in Windows; the rest of the needs are also met automatically in this case. Note that this option is rather heavy to run for a PC hardware, as this is like running of an entire second operating system, and developed for another processor architecture, inside Windows. Some initiative MyBible users have compiled the following instructions on the subject:

The needs 3 and below can be met using a different approach, provided that you have a physical Android device running MyBible (desirably a tablet with a big screen). The approach is to “project” (i.e. to send live content) the Android device’s screen to a PC, with a possibility of controlling your connected Android device from your PC. Software tools that can do this, and not only for a PC but for a Mac as well:

Please notice that the MyBible team does not provide any technical support on using MyBible outside of Android devices. We only share Android installations of all the MyBible versions.