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You can add to MyBible files that someone has shared with you from MyBible on their device. Import of a file to MyBible can be initiated from a file manager on your Android device, – by activating the file there (tapping it). This is organized in such a way because Android security system does not allow a regular app (like MyBible) to access files of other apps, while a file manager can pass to an app a content of a file which that app cannot access by itself.

Most of file types that the MyBible user interface provides a possibility to share with others are text files having the .json file name suffix. These files can be imported directly – by tapping them in your file manager (and then, possibly, also choosing MyBible as the receiving app) .

You can import practically any other files that you can find in the MyBible data directory, but those files, if their names do not end with the .zip suffix, need to be zipped up before tapping them in your file manager (because MyBible is associated only with .json and .zip file name suffixes).

Note that most file managers on Android handle .zip files by themselves (unzipping them “on the fly”, like if they are just directories), so in order to pass a .zip file to MyBible for importing you will need to find in your file manager a function like “Open with” and then select MyBible; some file managers may not have such a feature, so in this case you might want to use the system “Files” app.