Appearance of reading window, as well as part of appearance auxiliary windows in MyBible can be configured using themes.
You may switch themes, adjusting any of them, create new one by copying existing ones.

MyBible provides a number of predefined themes. Users just has to select one of them by color scheme and maybe to replace fonts.
However aesthetes of MyBible have a possibility of a uniquely flexible tuning of any theme.

That is what should be done, starting to work with the themes:

  • At least ones look through themes in settings window and full list of elements of the topic - to get an idea of what you can customize.
  • Remember that you can change the font size for all elements of a theme at once - use a vertical ellipsis button on any text element threads on the right.
  • Also you may choose one font for all elements at ones using the same a vertical ellipsis button on the right.
  • Keep in mind that the selection of font can help you with the correct display of the Greek, Hebrew and other languages that have special characters.

If you find that you have created really interesting theme - you may . We may add it in our list for other users.

Predefined themes MyBible

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