Deleted or renamed Modules

Rules for module abbreviations

Unfortunately, there is no any common standard for Bible versions abbreviations. That's why we have confusion with some abbreviations. The same translation can have several abbreviations. So we found we had duplicates.

Here a table with our changings.

Deleted duplicates

old nameDescriptionnew nameAct
UBTBible Translation TurkonyakaTUBdubbed therefore removed
СЭССоветский энциклопедический словарь - Большой энциклопедический словарьБЭСlow quality of the module and presence of more modern version
WBTCBible. Modern TranslationMDRdubbed therefore removed
IBSBible. New English TranslationNRTdubbed therefore removed
Different titlesNew Testament ed. MP KulakovBTIdubbed therefore removed
QirimМукъаддес Китап къырымтатар тилиндеCTBFull Bbible translation finished
KJV-TVM+King James Version, Voice and Mooddeleteddubbed therefore removed
NABNew American BibleNABREeverywhere is used Revised Edition
WEBBMEThe World English Bible: Messianic EditionWMBdubbed therefore removed
HNVThe Hebrew Names VersionWMBdubbed therefore removed
EBRRotherhams Emphasized Bible, 1902EMPdubbed therefore removed
HBRVRevised Version, 1885RVdubbed therefore removed
TRCC, WTBTyndale BibleTRCdubbed therefore removed
NLT2013New Living TranslationNLTdubbed therefore removed
NIV2011New International VersionNIVdubbed therefore removed
NIVUSNew International Version USNIVdubbed therefore removed
MTNTEnglish Majority Text Version New Testamentdeletedduplicate of EMTV (English Majority Text Version)
RYNTRevised Young's Literal New Testament Translationdeletedduplicate of Bible YLT (Young's Literal Translation of the Bible)
WBGWilliam Baxter Godbey New Testamentdeletedduplicate of GDBY (The Godbey New Testament)
JWNTJohn Wesley's New Testamentdeletedduplicate of WSNT (Wesley's New Testament)
TJNTИнҷилduplicate of Bible KM'92
HCVHaitian Creole VersionHTBdubbed therefore removed


KJV-RUKing James Version in Russiandeletedof no value
NKSBdeletedwrong modul
KRVdeletedwrong modul
OJBCThe Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadashadeletedit is a New Testament. We have a whole Bible OJB
DNTDiaglot New Testament, 1865deletedthe translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
UPDVUpdated Bibledeletedthe translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
ALBAlbanian Bibledeletedthe translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
PPCBPerspicacia para comprender la Biblia - Pastor Uriel Camposdeletedthe translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
TNM-cTraducción del Nuevo Mundodeletedthe translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
GriegoEl Nuevo Testamento en el griego originaldeletedGreek text was in Spanish group with the title Greek
BDILa Biblia De Israeldeletedlaw quality

Renamed Bibles

old nameDescriptionnew nameComments
XHO96IbhayibhileXHOnew format
ERV-ARArabic Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
ERV-AWAअवधीnew format
BB2000Библията NTBB'2000new format
BB40Българска БиблияBB'40new format
ERV-BGBulgarian New Testament: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
НП'2013Библия, нов превод от оригиналните езици (с неканоничните книги)НП
РИ'2015Библия, ревизирано изданиеРИ ББД
СИ'2016Библия, синодално изданиеСИ
ERV-BNBengali Bible: Easy-to-Readnew format
BTX-IDPustaka Si Badinew format
BKR-1579Bible kralickáBKR'1579new format
PMP-CZČeský studijní překlad Miloše Pavlíkanew format
D1871Dansk BibelD'1871new format
WIE97Det Nye TestamenteWIE'97new format
ELB85Revidierte Elberfelder BibelELB'85new format
L84Luther Bibel 1984L'84new format
LUT1912Luther-Bibel mit Apokryphennew format
S00Schlachter-BibelS'00new format
S51Schlachter-Bibel, Franz Eugen SchlachterS'51new format
Zu31Zürcher BibelZu'31new format
ABP-EL+Apostolic Bible Polyglot. Greeknew format
ABPGR+Apostolic Bible Polyglot. GreekABP-EL+new format
BYZ2000Codex BeratinusBYZ'2000new format
BYZ2005Byzantine textform with breathings, punctuation…BYZ'2005new format
RP2005+The New Testament in the original GreekRP'2005+new format
WHWestcott and HortWH'1881+new format
ABP-EN+Apostolic Bible Polyglot. Englishnew format
ABPEN+Apostolic Bible Polyglot. EnglishABP-EN+new format
ASV14American Standard Version 2014 EditionASV'14new format
AV-KJVKing James Version with cross referencesit supposed to be AV or KJV not both
ERV-ENEasy to Read Revised VersionERVwrong module name
KJV-1769King James VersionKJ'1769new format
KJV1611King James VersionKJV'1611new format
OEBcwOpen English Bible, New Testament (Commonwealth Spellings)new format
OEBusOpen English Bible, New Testament and Psalmsnew format
BL92Buku LopatulikaBL'92new format
BTI-ESLa Biblia, Traducción Interconfesionalnew format
ERVEspañol Reina ValeraRVRChanged to oficial name
RV09Reina-ValeraRV'09new format
RV60La Santa Biblia Reina-ValeraRV'60new format
RV65Reina-ValeraRV'65new format
RV95La Santa Biblia Reina Valera RevisiónRV'95new format
FI38Biblia. KirkkoraamattuFI'38new format
FI76RaamattuFI'76new format
FI92Jumalan Kansan RaamattuFI'92new format
FI'1548fi1548new format
FI'1548sanastafi1548snew format
FI'1642fi1642new format
FI'1642Dfi1642dnew format
FI'1776fi1776new format
FI'1776Dfi1776anew format
FI'1776Dalafi1776dnew format
FIK'1938fi1938new format
FIK'1938alafi1938anew format
FI'1992fi1992new format
FIASUTfiASUTnew format
FIASUTafiASUTanew format
FIRK'12fiRKnew format
FITKSIfiTKSInew format
DBY06Bible Perret-Gentil et RillietDBY'06new format
SG21Segond 21SG'21new format
ERV-GUGujarati New Testament: Easy-To-Read Versionnew format
ERV-HIपवित्र बाइबिलnew format
HNZ-RIHrvatski Novi Zavjet – Rijekanew format
CLUZ05Csia Lajos Újszövetség fordításaCLUZ'05new format
ERV-HUHungarian Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
HUS-05An it jilchith cau cʼal i Ajatic Jesucristonew format
HUS-71An it jilchith cau cʼal i Ajatic Jesucristonew format
CEI08Bibbia CEICEI'08new format
NR06La Nuova RivedutaNR'06new format
RIV27Riveduta BibbiaRIV'27new format
HEBmהתנ''ךit is Modern Hebrew Bible only with vowels
ERV-KNಕ್ರೈಸ್ತರ ಧರ್ಮಗ್ರಂಥnew format
KN-KJVKannada KJVstandard format
KLBTKVwrong module name
KMB2KLBwrong module name
KPBKNRSVwrong module name
MG65Ny Baiboly MalagasyMG'65new format
MICMIQNTGelulg Glusuaqan: Gisiteget Agnutmugsi'gwnew format
BK99Библија, КонстантиновBK'99new format
NZM07Новиот завет на македонски јазикNZM'07new format
SP90Свето Писмо на македонски јазикSP'90new format
ERV-MAMalayalam Bible: Easy to ReadERV-mlnew format
АБ2004Ариун БиблиАБ'2004new format
ERV-MRMarathi Bible: Easy to Readnew format
SSDC98SEBR SÕNGOnew format
ERV-NENepali Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
N11BMBibel 2011N'11new format
N78BMBibelenN'78new format
NO30Norsk BibelenDNBnew format
NSO00Bibele Taba yea BotseNSO'00new format
NSO51BibeleN'11new format
ERV-OROriya Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
ERV-PAPunjabi New Testament: Easy to Readnew format
ACF2007Almeida Corrigida FielACF'2007new format
ALM21Bíblia Almeida Século 21ALM'21new format
ARC2001Almeida Revista e CorrigidaARCnew format
ARC95Almeida Revista CorrigidaARC'95new format
ARM67Almeida Revisada de AcordoARM'67new format
JFABR+João Ferreira de Almeida (R. A.)JFA-br+new format
BKJBíblia King James AtualizadaKJAat the request of the copyright holder
NVIptNova Versão InternacionalNVI-ptnew format
ACF'07Almeida Corrigida Fielrenamed
ACF'11Almeida Corrigida Fielrecreated
BB1795Biblia de la BlajBLAJnew format
BOS1982Biblia Ortodoxă SinodalăBOSnew format
BIV2014Biblia în versuriBIVnew format
BRC1939Biblia Regele Carol IIBRCnew format
BTF2010Biblia – Traducerea FIDELABTFnew format
BVA2015Biblia în Versiune ActualizatăBVAnew format
CV2013Cuvântul viuCVnew format
GBV2001Biblia GBVGBVnew format
NTB1648Noul Testament de la BălgradBLGnew format
NTCLV1993Noul Testament CLVCLVnew format
NTIT1984Noul Testament pe Înţelesul TuturorNTITnew format
NTR2006Noua Traducere în limba RomânăNTRnew format
NTS1857Noul Testament de la SmirnaNTSnew format
VDCC2014 Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu CorectatăVDCCnew format
VDC1924Versiunea Dumitru CornilescuVDCnew format
SBB1921Biblia SBBSBBnew format
VBA2001Versiunea Bartolomeu AnaniaVBAnew format
VBT2002Versiunea Biblică TrinitarianăVBTnew format
NT-SLСлово Жизни. Новый Завет в современном переводеstandard format
SNP-LAMBAUGoti Ukuwala Halaremoved the language code because of the name itself is uniqu
ERV-SRСавремени Српски Превод. Нови Заветnew format
SSO89SOBibeleSSO'89new format
ERV-TAதிருவிவிலியம்new format
ERV-TEపరిశుద్ధ గ్రంథముnew format
ERV-THThai New Testament: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
MBB05Magandang Balita BibliaMBB'05new format
TSW08NOBaebele e e BoitshepoTSW'08new format
TSW70BeibeleTSW'70new format
TSO29NOXitsonga (Bibele)TSO'29new format
TSO89Bibele Mahungu LamaneneTSO'89new format
LTT'2015Bíblia Literal do Texto TradicionalLTT'15
ERV-UKНовий Заповітnew format
ERV-PKUrdu New Testament: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
ERV-URUrdu Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
VEN98Bivhili Khethwa Mafhungo MadifhaVEN'98new format
ERV-VNVietnamese Bible: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
RVV11Revised Vietnamese Version BibleRVVnew format
XHO75Izibhalo EzingcweleXHO'75new format
YSS-YAMANOGod Reri Teiktem Tuma Agerremoved the language code because of the name itself is uniqu
YSS-YAWUGOD ETER AGERKE NAMDERASEM TUMA YENBOremoved the language code because of the name itself is uniqu
ERV-ZHChinese New Testament: Easy-to-Read Versionnew format
ZUL59Ibhayibheli ElingcweleZUL'59new format
NOAHHẽwandam HieknoaHHnew format

Renamed dictionaries

old nameDescriptionnew nameComments
RuPlSłownik rosyjsko-polskiru-plnew format
RuEoRusa-esperanta vortaroru-eonew format
LaRuVocabvlarivm latinorvssicvmla-runew format
LaEnLatin-English Dictionaryla-ennew format
EnRuEnglish-Russian Dictionary of the New Testamenten-runew format
EnRuMEnglish-Russian Dictionary, 66 000 wordsen-ru-Mnew format
EnUkНовий англо-український словникen-uknew format
EnFrDictionnaire anglais-françaisen-frnew format
EnLaAnglicus-Latinen-lanew format
EnNoEngelsk-norsk ordboken-nonew format
FrEnDictionnaire francais anglaisfr-ennew format
FrRuNouveau dictionnaire francais-russefr-runew format
ItRuNuovo grande dizionario italiano-russoit-runew format
GrEnMorphologia Graecagr-ennew format
NoEnNorsk-engelsk ordbokno-ennew format
EoEnEsperanto-angla vortaroeo-ennew format

Renamed Bibles

old nameDescriptionnew nameComments
正之訳.commentaries正之訳:グノーモン新約聖書註解(ベンゲル)正之訳-c.commentariesnew format