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Project goals

Project goals:

  • Providing a maximally convenient, offline, completely free Bible for Android and iOS which is readily available for anybody who wants to have the Word of God with them all the time.
  • Providing a powerful tool for quick and convenient searching in the Bible, for finding marked earlier important places, for witnessing, studying, and discussing.
  • Allowing studying difficult places by comparing different Bible translations, by following cross-references, by using commentaries and so on (a set of study tools is being improved and extended).
  • Helping Russian-speaking users in following a preaching in other languages (automatic matching of "Russian" and "English" chapters and verses numbering in the books of Psalms, Song of Solomon, Job).
  • Making the Word of God available for readers in almost any of the world's languages.
  • Giving a chance to any user who would express a sound and useful suggestion or a constructive criticism to obtain a desired feature or fix as soon as possible - for the glory of God.
  • Constant work on cleaning up typos and scanning errors in Bible modules, following messages of the users on this - for sake of cleanness of the Word of God.

The following are NOT the project goals:

  • Complete replacement of the printed Bible, especially for those who preach.
  • Distribution of apocrypha to the Bible.
  • Distribution of Bible translations which the authors of this project consider as ones that can cause stumbling of the reader (e.g. New World Translation by Jehovah's Witnesses).
  • Financial gain.

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