Simplified Mode

When you start MyBible for the first time, it opens in the Simplified Mode, so that you can get used to the application without being overwhelmed with all the Bible study possibilities:

You can activate the Full Mode from the Main Menu; Settings allow switching between the Full Mode and the Simplified mode.

Bible module button

Window control button

Bible position button

Bible book selection

Bible book chapter selection

Menu button


Configurable buttons

Next/previous chapter

Next/previous book

Scroll by touch


You can scale all font sizes defined in the current theme using a pinch-to-zoom gesture in the Bible window:

For fine tuning of the appearance use the Themes window.

Window placement

You can adjust sizes of shown windows individually, and switch places of shown windows.

Reading Plans

MyBible supports downloadable reading plans and custom reading plans.


Cross-references allow you to jump to a related Bible place.

User-defined cross-references

If you see that cross-references provided for downloading are not enough for you, make a set of your own cross-references for lessons, sermons, etc. Custom cross-references have a different color in the Bible text compared to downloadable cross-references (this can be adjusted via the theme settings).

Strong’s numbers

Paragraphs and numbering


A Bible module can contain an overall introduction and introductions to particular books.


Bookmark sets

Verses memorizing

Side panel

Reading places

Selected verses

Selection of individual words

In addition to the default mode of selecting entire verses (see the “Selected verses” usage tip), MyBible also supports selection of individual words, so that you can select fragments of verses.

Long-tap on the Bible text

There are three ways to enter the action mode in the Bible window: a long-tap with one finger, a long-tap with two fingers, and a long-tap with three fingers (the last one only if the setting to toggle night mode with a three-finger tap is off). The only difference in these ways to enter the action mode is an action suggested right after entering the action mode. This way you can have a quicker access to three different actions,
for example:

Words highlighting



You can easily mark a dictionary article, a commentary article, or a daily reading as your favorite, for a quick access to them later.


MyBible supports text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis for Bible modules.
Note: This feature is based on the Android TTS engine and the language-specific voice data you have on your device.

Night mode

Notes Window

MyBible allows you to maintain a system of notes.



Links to commentaries in Bible text

You can use links to commentaries in the Bible text – see the “Show” sub-menu.


MyBible supports Strong’s lexicon, Biblical dictionaries, and other kinds of dictionaries, so that you can thoroughly study the Bible in your own language or have a better understanding of a good Bible translation in a foreign language.

Strong’s number usage

Strong’s number usage window allows you to see where a particular Strong’s number (i.e. a particular word of the Bible manuscript) occurs, and how is it translated in a Bible module you are looking at.

You can call the Strong’s number usage window in the following ways.

Strong’s number usage window shows you:

You can also:

Dictionary nuances

You can find the dictionary lookup feature in MyBible to be especially helpful if you will remember the following nuances:

Daily Devotions

Random verse

Start Screen

Buttons that can be long-tapped

In the Main Menu and in the headers of windows, the items which react to a long-tap have icons with an ellipsis (or a star) in the lower-right corner. This will remind you that some additional functionality can be called there by a long-tap.

Data backup and synchronization

If you create bookmarks and remarks, highlight Bible text fragments, create MyBible profiles, or do other similar creative things in MyBible, perhaps you need to think about backing up of MyBible data, or even better, about synchronization of MyBible on several Android devices that you own. Please read the “About” text available from the MyBible menu, and in particular the “Synchronization” section there.

Report Bible module defect


Modules manipulation

Updated modules

A module will appear color-highlighted in the Modules window, if:

Extra module registries

In the Modules window, you can have modules which are maintained not by the MyBible team but by someone else (by yourself or by some your acquaintance).
In the MyBible system, the list of available modules is maintained in the cloud (on several diverse file hosting servers) as a “module registry”. The MyBible app downloads this registry.

Desired abbreviations

Each MyBible module carries own Bible book abbreviations. Usually those reproduce abbreviations from a corresponding printed edition of the Bible, but they could be just copied from another module in the same language. Not all abbreviations might seem apt enough for you, some might even irritate or appear inappropriate; that is a matter of a personal taste and preference, so it is impossible to update abbreviations in a module to suit everybody.