The appearance of the MyBible main window and of the entire user interface is defined by an appearance theme currently selected in MyBible.

MyBible has a number of built-in appearance themes, and also a downloadable bundle with several additional light non-contrast appearance themes (inspired by colors of popular apps).

A theme is adjusted for both the day mode and night mode.

There is the “Themes: tuning” menu item. You can simply select a theme from the list of available ones (and see right away how it looks like overall). You can also fine-ture any theme to your liking.

Tuning of an own MyBible appearance theme is a complex and laborious process. First of all you need to examine and understand without a rush how configuring of interface colors is organized in MyBible; also, what other appearance settings a theme carries in addition to colors. There is a MyBible Interface Tuning Guide. As with many other things in MyBible, it may initially seem overwhelming. But please dedicate some attention and patience, and you will see that we have foreseen a lot and tried to make it convenient. After all, we use it ourselves.

Let’s briefly go through several available themes.

MyBible original

This is a “dinosaur” theme. MyBible was made to look approximately like that since its initial publishing at Google Play in 2012. It is a half-light-half-dark theme, which makes MyBible look a bit obsolete, like it was made around the year of 2000. However:

MyBible original, day mode

MyBible original, night mode

Golden compact

This is the theme for sake of which the serious overhauling of the MyBible user interface was made for MyBible 5.0.0.

Its key points are:

Golden compact, day mode

Golden compact, night mode


This theme is destined to be used on devices having E-paper-based screens (shadows of gray).

Since the MyBible team does not use E-paper devices. we do not consider this theme to be well polished. If someone who uses MyBible on an E-paper device takes time to fine-tune this theme and sends it to us, we will consider that and if we like the outcome – will replace this theme in the nearest MyBible release.

E-paper2, day mode

E-paper2, night mode


This theme was inspired by a color combination on a typical pair of jeans.

Key points:

Jeans, day mode

Jeans, night mode

Non-contrast themes

There are two such themes, Turquoise and Red Bus.

Key points:

Turquoise, day mode

Turquoise, night mode

Red Bus, day mode

Red Bus, night mode


This theme was configured by one of MyBible user, who has given it to us to share with everybody interested.

Cloud, day mode

Cloud, night mode