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The recommended approach for the subject is to use bookmarks, thoughtfully grouped into categories – similar to usage of a dedicated bookmark category to capture sermon/message points.

You might want to create bookmark categories for your witnessing beforehand, or you might come up with them gradually, just as you notice things to add to your witnessing collection during your daily reading of the Bible.

When adding a bookmark for witnessing, think of an expressive, easy to remember and find comment for the bookmarked place. It is better to have your comment added to a bookmark even if you think that the thought conveyed is carved deeply in your mind. First, this will help keep your thoughts together during a stressful witnessing encounter. Second, this way your bookmark will be more helpful for someone else if you share it.

The bookmarks side panel it the tool to use when you need to access your witnessing material.

There is text search possibility for both category names and shown information on bookmarks.

Here is how a bookmark category search/selection looks like: