There is a number of nuances in MyBible 5.3.3 and 5.4.0, related to adjusting the app to the changed Google’s policies. The situation is described in the blog – read it from bottom up (from older posts to newer ones).

If after installing MyBible on your device you ended up in a situation “I do not see any of my data in MyBible” – please do not get upset. It can also look like “MyBble can no longer save my settings”. Most likely, your data are not actually lost but MyBible 5.4.0 no longer has access to where they are stored. For this occasion we have prepared a custom build: MyBible 5.3.3 able to replace 5.4.0.apk

  1. Install this build on top of already installed MyBible 5.4.0.
  2. The goal is to let you agree on the startup prompt to relocate the /MyBible directory from the root of the device’s built-in memory to the MyBible app’s private data area.
  3. After you agree and MyBible performs this data move, you will be ready to install MyBible 5.4.0 on top of this build and thus have all your MyBible data in MyBible 5.4.0.