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MyBible, detailed description

What is it?

MyBible is a Bible reading Android-based application developed to be a convenient pocket tool for everyday Bible reading, verses and chapters memorizing, search, bookmarking, taking notes during church services, etc.

MyBible application was born after author's unsuccessful attempts to find in the Android world something as handy as PalmBiblePlus is in the PalmOS world.

History of releases


MyBible application is a freeware, distributed via Google Play.

Bible Translations

MyBible provides Bible translations from the public domain, collected from different sources and converted into MyBible modules format.


MyBible application is created by Denys Dolganenko in Kharkov, Ukraine: (English or Russian or Ukrainian please).

The author of this applications believes in the Triune Creator God of the Bible, accepts the Bible as the infallible Word of God (in the original languages of its manuscripts) and has received Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.


  1. Displaying of an entire Bible book (all book's chapters).
  2. Many Bible translations - downloaded once, used offline.
  3. You can page up/page down from any place.
  4. Convenient and quick book/chapter/verse navigation.
  5. Easy verses selection and sharing.
  6. Notes window for quick records and verses insertion during a service.
  7. Powerful searching in Bible text.
  8. Built-in Bible cross references, huge downloadable cross references database.
  9. Reading of two or three Bible translations in parallel.
  10. Strong's Bible dictionary support, translations with embedded Strong's numbers (KJV+, RST+, GNT+).
  11. Strong's number usage search functionality.
  12. Bible reading plans.
  13. Bible commentaries.
  14. Daily devotions.
  15. Selectable English/Russian numbering of the Bible books with different numbering (Psalms, Job, Song of Solomon).
  16. Navigation history and transitions.
  17. Convenient bookmarks with notes and color-coded categories.
  18. Manually set reading places - for quick returning there later on.
  19. Day/night mode.
  20. Several flexibly customizable appearance themes for the Bible reading window.
  21. Additional fonts for the Bible reading window.
  22. Usage tips for the main functionality, easy-to-understand ancillary functionality.
  23. Support of Android 2.x-4.x devices with different screen resolutions.

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