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Launching on PC/Mac

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How to start MyBible on computer

You can run MyBible on Windows OS, Mac OS X, and Linux - in an Android emulator.

MyBible Installation on Windows

1. Install Chrome

Install browser Chrome (if you don't have it yet).

2. Install Android emulator

Install the Arc Welder Android emulator for Chrome

The installation will ask your to specify a folder on your computer where Android device storage is to be emulated.

4. Start MyBible

Start Arc Welder from «Additional tools».

Add your APK - add MyBible.apk taken from

5. Add a MyBible shortcut for convenient starting

Done! Now you've got a shortcut on Windows to run MyBible.

Control tips

Back — use the [Esc] key or the «back» button in the upper left corner.

Copy — hold the mouse on a text a couple seconds then select and copy, just like on Android.

Modules installation tip

Sometimes Avast blocks downloading from the "Modules" window of MyBible - try disabling Avast for the time of downloading modules.

Source (in Russian)

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